Facts of Emirati involvement in Yemen

By: Tawakkol Karman

UAE Embassy in USA tweeted false and misleading information regarding its involvement in Yemen’s war. Below are some of the facts in response:

UAE still plays the most destructive and distablizing role in Yemen by arming and funding militias all across the country and continues to incite violence, hate and division among Yemenis.

UAE forces and backed militias occupies many strategic parts of Yemen from the mainland to Socotra Island as well as Yemen’s seaports and airports all across the south.

Throughout the last 5 years, UAE has funded militias in the south aimed to undermine and overthrow the Yemeni legitimate internationally recognized government.

By doing so, UAE is engaged in a clear violation of Yemen’s sovereignty, unity and a violation of the UN resolution 2216 that prohibits such acts and crimes.

UAE arms and funds tens of thousands of militasmen all across Yemen from east to west and has occupied the island of Socotra along with the Saudi forces and their backed militias.

UAE continues to host and fly in and out the country the heads of these militias and it is all done in the open.

In April 2019, UAE funded milita overthrew the Yemeni government and its forces from Aden, the de facto capital of Yemen.

It has since, UAE along with the Saudi forces prohibited the Yemeni government from returning to Yemen.

In fact, they went as far as trying to legalize the coup in Aden through the so-called “ Riyadh agreement” between their back militias and the Yemeni government

At this very moment, militias armed and funded by the UAE are attacking the forces of the Yemen’s legitimate government in places like Abyan state in the south.

UAE has turned one of Yemen's main sources of income,the Balhaf gas field, into a military base, prohibiting the Yemeni government from using such productions and income that benefits people impacted by the world’s worst humanitarian crisis.

When the Yemeni government decided to take back the de facto capital Aden back from the UAE backed Militias, on August 29 and 30,2019, the UAE air forces attacked the Yemeni army resulting in about 300 deaths!

It is well documented by many local and international human rights organizations and other media outlets like AP, that the UAE ran assisniation squads, secret detention and tourure program in Yemen. A clear violation of Yemeni and international laws.

The only road to peace in Yemen goes through stopping arms sales to Saudi  and the UAE who are killing our people, pressuring both to withdraw from the country and leaving each form of guardianship or domination over it.

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