Iran Axis: Meager Support and Regional Atrocities

By: Tawakkol Karman 

Neither the Houthi attacks in the Red Sea nor Hezbollah's clashes with the Al-Alam site managed to halt Israel's relentless pursuit of its criminal agenda to annihilate Gaza and displace its people. It's increasingly apparent that any cessation of the Gaza conflict will be credited to the steadfastness and sacrifices of its people, bolstered by the global pressure and solidarity it has garnered. It is within this context that Israel has begun to perceive itself as either a pariah state or on the brink of becoming one.

The Iran axis possesses capabilities and resources, particularly in Syria, Lebanon, and Iraq, which should have been sufficient to impose a ceasefire on Israel since the first week of the war. However, this axis did not do so, contenting itself with limited confrontations carried out by Hezbollah at two vacant sites in southern Lebanon and with what the Houthis are doing to prevent ships from crossing to Israel via the Bab-el-Mandeb strait. Such confrontations fall within permissible rules of engagement, as Israel does not feel compelled to bear an unbearable cost with them.

Those who find satisfaction and express gratitude towards the Iran axis, settling for "a mere helping hand," do so due to their comparison between this “mere helping hand” of the Iran axis and the betrayal and conspiracy led by Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and Egypt in particular.

However, this comparison lacks acceptability and objectivity, considering that these very parties have never positioned themselves as supporters of the Palestinian resistance, or have they!? They instead present themselves as advocates for normalization, both in their rhetoric and actions. It is only logical to compare what the resistance axis claims to provide with what it has actually delivered, which often amounts to almost nothing.

To our beloved ones who find solace in what they perceive as 'a mere helping hand,' we understand the conviction you hold, shaped by the atrocities committed by the Israeli occupation amid complete abandonment by Arab nations. However, it's crucial to recognize that this 'mere helping hand,' whether already provided or yet to come, won't significantly alter the plight of the Palestinians. The dilemma becomes evident when, despite settling for minimal support, you demand everything from us, even expecting us to label the perpetrators of our people's suffering as heroes.

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