The Saudi-Emirati dispute in Yemen


We can say that the dispute between Saudi Arabia and the UAE in Yemen is technical and formal, while the agreement is fundamental!! They agree on the fragmentation of Yemen and disagree on the number of parts to which the country should be fragmented!!

Should the south be one state as the UAE wants, or two states as Saudi Arabia wants, one to be dominated by the UAE, including Aden, Abyan, Lahj and al-Dhale, and the other to be dominated by Saudi Arabia, including Shabwa, Hadramout, Mahra and Socotra!!

Therefore, the UAE helped its militias to take over Aden and Abyan, and when they went beyond Abyan to Shabwa, Saudi Arabia said Shabwa was a red line.

The UAE militias really suffered a crushing defeat there and all their camps fell within hours.

It is true that Saudi Arabia did not provide weapons to the National Army in Shabwa, but it did not intervene, it did not ask them to surrender as it did in Aden and Abyan!!

You remember the first and second day of fighting in Aden, the legitimacy forces won and almost took over the most important camps of the militias of the Emirates before the intervention of Saudi Arabia to tip their hand!!

The dispute between the two countries is a technical alliance, then, on how to divide the southern booty between them, and keep the north in war and chaos!!

This is how the two countries assess this matter!!

Who would advise these delusional fools that Yemen is much larger than them and all their tricks, that a remote part of Yemen is stiffer and more cunning and astute!!

Who will give them this sincere advice? the attempt to break up Yemen will not only fail, but will lead to the fragmentation and fall of their countries.

They do not have the ability to bear the serious consequences of rivalry with the great people of Yemen, that saw that it was betrayed, and that there are in the neighborhood who wanted to break up its  country and undermine its national entity!!

The position towards Saudi Arabia that it is the head of the snake and the first responsible for everything  happens to Yemen, the fragmentation and destruction, must not change because of Saudi position against the coup in Shabwa and defeating the militias there, because this position was only because the Saudi feeling of injustice in the division that the UAE wanted with it !!

Only when the coup d'état is overthrown and all the coup militias are disbanded, from Aden to Mukha and the suburbs of Hodeidah, where the militias of Tariq, nephew of the ousted Ali Saleh, are located, an argument can be possible by anyone who wants to change his attitude towards Saudi Arabia and his rhetoric against it. But many examinations of the Saudi position are still required so that change can be  safe and secure!!

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