Tawakkol Karman calls on Germany to reevaluate support for Israel at Palästina Kongress 2024

Nobel laureate and human rights activist Mrs. Tawakkol Karman delivered a powerful speech at the Palästina Kongress 2024 in Germany, expressing gratitude to the Palestinian Congress for organizing the event.

Mrs. Karman condemned Israel's actions in Gaza, labeling them as genocide and ethnic cleansing crimes, and cited the ongoing accusations at the International Court of Justice.

Highlighting the Security Council's resolution for an immediate ceasefire, Mrs. Karman lamented the continued massacres and the dire situation in Gaza. She shared alarming figures of civilian deaths, displacement, and the destruction of infrastructure, emphasizing the need for urgent action.

The activist criticized certain Western governments, including Germany, for their unwavering support to Israel, supplying weapons and justifying atrocities. Mrs. Karman urged Germany to reassess its position and cease all arms shipments and diplomatic cover to Israel. She called for support in demanding a ceasefire and lifting restrictions on humanitarian aid, while reinstating funding for UNRWA.

Mrs. Karman concluded by warning that the credibility of international justice and human rights is at stake if Western governments persist with double standards. She called for an end to the war in Gaza, emphasizing its significance in restoring global confidence.

Herein follows the speech transcript:

I extend my gratitude to the Palestinian Congress in Germany for organizing this important event. Over the past seven months, Gaza has been exposed to a war of genocide and ethnic cleansing crimes committed by Israel, which becomes the worst in the modern era.

Israel is now facing accusations of genocide in the International Court of Justice. The Security Council issued a resolution calling for an immediate ceasefire. However, the massacres continue, all kinds of killing, whether by bombing, starvation, or siege, continue. 

Almost 35,000 civilians have been killed, the vast majority of them women and children. 85% of the population in Gaza is displaced.  There is no electricity, very little fuel and water. Food is running out, tens of thousands of wounded, and tens of thousands of homes and government and private facilities have been leveled to the ground. 

Israel wants to make Gaza an unfit place to live, and the goal will not be achieved except with more killing and genocide.  Despite mounting violations, certain Western governments—Germany, the United States, and others—persistently extend unwavering support to Israel. They supply weapons, offer diplomatic cover, and even justify the atrocities committed against the people of Gaza. There is complicity and even participation in this crime by most Western governments, including the German government.

We find ourselves at a critical juncture. Decisive action is imperative to halt this ongoing massacre and bring an end to the war in Gaza. The German government must reevaluate its unwavering and unconditional support for Israel. Does this backing truly contribute to peace in the Middle East, or does it perpetuate a cycle of violence and grant impunity to perpetrators of crimes against humanity?

Germany must heed the voices opposing Israel's actions in Gaza, recognizing that these voices advocate for peace with vigilant consciences and tolerant spirits. It is imperative that Germany immediately cease all arms shipments and diplomatic cover to Israel, while actively supporting demands for a ceasefire. Furthermore, Germany should work tirelessly to lift all restrictions on humanitarian aid to Gaza and reinstate its funding for UNRWA.

German politicians may eloquently discuss human values and the importance of peace, but their credibility falters when their positions toward Gaza turn a blind eye to these very values. The world's credibility in matters of international justice and human rights hangs in the balance. If the western governments persist with a policy of double standards, they risk undermining the humanity achievements in the field of international justice and human rights. Halting the war in Gaza represents a crucial step toward restoring global confidence.


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