Tawakkol Karman's inspiring message to graduates of University of Massachusetts Lowell

 The Nobel Peace Prize laureate-winning human rights activist, Tawakkol Karman, urged democratic nations to reconsider their backing of authoritarian governments and to work to advance the aspirations of the impoverished for dignity, humanity, and human rights. 

Speaking at the University of Massachusetts' commencement ceremony, Karman addressed how authoritarian governments enslave their citizens and threaten the world community under the guise of protecting security and stability.

Karman believes that the Arab world and other regions are facing various problems and crises due to the presence of authoritarian leaders and regimes, and the only solution to alleviate these issues is to remove them from power.

She also cautioned that a counter-revolution led by Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and Iran could trigger a backlash against Yemen's role in the Arab Spring.

Karman cautioned that these countries have been involved in conflicts and provided support to militias and military coups in several Arab Spring countries, such as Yemen, Syria, Egypt, Libya, and Sudan, resulting in disastrous consequences.

Additionally, she expressed concern that Russia's military intervention in Ukraine and the rising tensions between Russia and NATO or China and major powers over regional disputes and human rights issues could potentially lead to a global nuclear conflict and the outbreak of a third world war.

Karman stressed that there are two opposing groups currently in conflict: one that prioritizes democracy, freedom, and security, and another that prioritizes tyranny, war, and chaos. 

She called on democratic nations to recognize the importance of upholding fundamental values such as freedom, justice, democracy, and equality for the sake of both national and international security.

Karman emphasized that aligning oneself with tyrants, regardless of the motive, not only puts human values at risk but also undermines the national interests of one's country since tyrants pose a global threat, not just to their own nations.

During her speech to the University of Massachusetts graduates, Karman urged them to take the right side of history by rejecting tyranny, racism, and hatred, and embracing democracy, freedom, and human dignity.

To wrap up, Karman's message to the graduates was to believe in themselves, their abilities, and their aspirations, and to aim for big and ambitious dreams without limits. 

She emphasized that reaching their goals would involve facing difficulties, taking risks, and persevering through setbacks without ever losing faith or doubting themselves.


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