Mrs. Karman to be keynote speaker at international conference on Yemen in Washington

The human rights activist and Nobel Peace laureate, Tawakkol Karman, today participated in an international conference entitled "Towards Sustainable Peace and Democracy in Yemen”, organized by the Center for Contemporary Studies at Georgetown University, the Tawakkol Karman Foundation and Democracy in the Arab World Now (DAWN).

At the conference, attended by more than twenty Yemeni and international experts, Tawakkol Karman delivered a keynote speech on the conflict in Yemen, saying the war will end with the restoration of the hijacked state and its decision in Iran, Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

“It is becoming increasingly clear that war will not end with deals between the internal warlords and the occupying and external vassal countries, leave Yemen as one independent and unified state with the elements of security and stability”, Karman added.

She indicated that the present approach to the Yemeni file by the United Nations and major powers makes peace unattainable, calling on the world to save the Yemenis have been suffering from daily threats to their lives for eight years due to the war.

The war, she continued, has cost tens of thousands of lives, displaced millions, and pushed Yemen towards famine, noting that the error of the international approach to the crisis is clear to all observers.

“The major powers, the United States and Britain in particular, have implicitly or explicitly supported the continuation of Saudi Arabia and the UAE in the war on Yemen, its destruction, the usurpation of its land, and its fragmentation while supporting the Iranian-backed Houthi coup at the same time.”

“Any observer of the efforts of the international community, the major countries, and the UN envoy during the years of war can come to a simple conclusion that the essence of these trends is in the direction of leaving Yemen entirely to the Houthi militia on the one hand, and the Saudi-Emirati coalition on the other.”

Mrs. Karman called for the urgent and urgent need to put a final end to the conflict in Yemen and the crimes of the Houthi group, according to sound foundations that guarantee non-intervention again in Yemen and the non-continuation of war criminals in power.

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