Nobel laureate honors drum player of Qatar World Cup

Today, Thursday, the Nobel Peace Prize-winning human rights activist, Tawakkol Karman, honored the popular Yemeni drum player, Mulataf Humaidi, with the Tawakkol Karman Foundation shield and a cash prize of $10,000,

in recognition for his artistic creativity and excellence, as well as for his well introduction of Yemen's folklore to the world.

In a brief speech during the award ceremony in the capital Doha, Tawakkol Karman said: "We are honoring the good creative son of Yemen for his contribution to reviving the Yemeni folklore and conveying the voice of the Yemenis during the Qatar World Cup to millions," noting that Mulataf Humaidi has created a state of beauty, creativity and a state of joy and pleasure during the 2022 Qatar World Cup by playing the Yemeni drum.

She added that Mulataf has presented this folkloric art in an enjoyable way, noting that nations are known through their scientific, artistic and literary achievements, and that Yemen has a rich history and has ample contributions, especially in the field of literature and arts.

“Actually, I’m, in this gesture, honoring Mulataf who has succeeded in reaching a global event like the World Cup in order to present his unique talent that will reach the whole world,” she stated, indicating that Mulataf has been able to be a good representative of Yemen.

For his part, the Yemeni drummer, Mulataf Humaidi, expressed his thanks and appreciation to Tawakkol Karman for the hospitality and honor, saying that what he has presented about Yemen is still modest, pledging to do his best to hold high the name of Yemen.

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