Karman’s participation in Canada Halifax Forum on democracy future

In order for Europe to face the threats to democracy, there is a need for a structural change and reconsideration of global policies, said the Nobel Peace Prize-winning human rights activist Tawakkol Karman. 

Her remarks came during the 14th annual Halifax International Security Forum organized by then Canadian government. 

Mrs. Karman participated in the forum with a speech focused on the risks and challenges to the future of the democracy.  

She has emphasized that meeting the existing challenges to democracy, human rights, and the values of freedom, peace and global stability starts from changing global trends.

“Change requires a broad worldview in which the rise of fascism, be it in the Middle East and Africa or in Europe and the West, is categorized as a real risk to everyone,” she added.

The Forum brought together decision-makers, military leaders, academics, and industry to address defence and security challenges including the future of democracy, climate change, food security, energy, technology, disinformation, as well as support for Ukraine.


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