Mrs. Karman lectures on women’s struggle at well-established research university

Today, on Friday, the Nobel Peace Prize-winning human rights activist, Tawakkol Karman, delivered a video lecture at Ibn Haldun University in Turkey.

Tawakkol Karman said that she deals with “women” as an issue and a role, explaining that it is an issue because they are subjected to discrimination and exclusion most societies are plagued with, and it is a role because in case the they are empowered they will play an active role in their society, as evidenced by many examples.

In a lecture at Ibn Haldun University, Tawakkol Karman added: “I have my own philosophy on the issue of women's freedom and rights. It is based on the fact that women will get their rights when society gets its one”.

Every male and female citizen, she stressed, should have their full and undiminished rights, adding: “We should not treat women as part of the furniture or as subordinates without will or rights, as this is something to be ashamed of.

To listen and watch the lecture, click (here) or (here)


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