Mrs. Karman takes part in “Democracy First in the Arab World”

The Nobel Peace Prize-winning human rights activist, Tawakkol Karman, said today that the United States of America and the West should correct their policy towards authoritarian regimes,

especially in the Arab world, against the background of their complicity and sometimes support for the destructive anti-democracy project led by the region's counter-revolution capitals, namely Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

Her remarks came during a speech given at the conference entitled "Democracy First in the Arab World" on Friday afternoon.

We in the Arab world are fighting for democracy, and we have the absolute right to live freely like Americans, Europeans and many peoples of the world who live as free citizens under democratic rule, Karman added.

Tyrants and human rights violators must realize that they are not immune to international accountability and justice, she continued, calling for Washington and the West in general to stop sponsoring and coddling dictatorial regimes.

Karman asserted that no one calls for US or Western intervention, as experiences in Iraq and Afghanistan have proven that direct intervention causes countless disasters.

Finally, she urged that the United States and the West should show a great deal of firmness towards Iran's destructive policy in the region, which contributes to destabilizing security and stability in Yemen, Syria and Iraq. 

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