Tawakkol Karman participates in the signing ceremony of the song “Ra’i Al-Rih” by Yemeni poet Amer Al-Saidi

Today, Monday, the Nobel Peace Prize-winning human rights activist, Tawakkol Karman, has taken part in the signing ceremony of the book "Song of the Shepherd of the Wind" authored by a Yemeni poet called Amer al-Saeedi.

During the ceremony held in Istanbul, Tawakkol Karman in a speech on this occasion highly commended al-Saeedi, describing him as a poetic talent that possesses an experience full of dreams and challenge, and that he is one of the young people who typically embody the change revolution.

Karman referred to the "Song of the Shepherd of the Wind" with all its contents, including poems and lyrics on homeland, revolution, love, giving, mothers and ordinary people.

The sense of pride towards the poet, she continued, extends to a generation of young poets who possess the talent of poetry throughout Yemen, despite the ongoing war and difficult circumstances there.

To listen and watch the speech, click here


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